Creative Chaos #21

Art This is the cover illustration from the 2010 ‘Art Book’, LOVE IT. Picture Augmented Reality in art? Photography Really fast shutter speed – so cool. Steampunk one of the things I love about steampunk is the detail artists put into the tiny work as well as the larger pieces. Product Design enough said. QuoteContinue reading “Creative Chaos #21”

Creative Chaos #20

Art I’ve never seen any really massive street art myself but there are loads of pictures on the web. I’m wondering how disconcerting it was to drive down this road? Picture I wonder… Photography Not sure if it’s still the final frontier or not but I was chatting to a PhD student who has beenContinue reading “Creative Chaos #20”

Creative Chaos #19

Art I’m sure many of you know about the stock image company Getty Images. They have a cool new way to sell their products called the moodstream. You can choose the mood you are in (or looking for) and it pushes out  images, video and audio that fit your choice of mood. Picture slightly differentContinue reading “Creative Chaos #19”