Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 24

In this penultimate post in this year’s series of Advent reflections, I wanted to move away from movies and illustrations and geekiness to something potentially more high brow, or at least different. Typography has been a long held interest of mine, the choices people make about fonts, type, colour and layout of text are intriguingContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 24”

Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 4

I’ve always been a huge fan of Doctor Who. I think Tom Baker was ‘my doctor’ growing up but I used to watch Jon Pertwee episodes on video. In my later teens I went to comic cons in London and queued to get autographs from Elizabeth Slater and other stars. Colin Baker used to liveContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 4”

Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 2

As we take the opportunity to slow down, gather our thoughts and prepare for the Christmas season, I am often drawn to the plethora of advent material that helps us to grow spiritually. Much of the material I personally engage with is based on the ancient path, monastic prayers and thoughts from the saints. InContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 2”