Last Sunday – Mar 2019 : Only By Grace

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in March 2019 was had a Lenten focus by way of a series of monologues by Judas Iscariot titled ‘Only by Grace’.   Those of you who have followed this blog for a few years will recognise the material as something I wrote in 2013. The monologues went out asContinue reading “Last Sunday – Mar 2019 : Only By Grace”

Last Sunday – Feb 2019 : St. Francis

Having shared some of my journey to becoming a 3rd Order Franciscan, members of the Foundation community were interested to hear more. I put far too much into the service, it had enough material for two services really but when you’re excited about something, it’s not always easy to know what material to leave out.Continue reading “Last Sunday – Feb 2019 : St. Francis”

Last Sunday – Jan 2019 : Simeon and Anna

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in Jan 2019 was an exploration of Candlemas focusing on the characters of Simeon and Anna. The service was slightly heavier on spoken liturgy than usual but we still had prayer stations and the ritual of candle lighting was fantastic. Last Sunday Jan 2019 (downloadable service notes) Some photos…