Last Sunday – Jan 2019 : Simeon and Anna

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in Jan 2019 was an exploration of Candlemas focusing on the characters of Simeon and Anna. The service was slightly heavier on spoken liturgy than usual but we still had prayer stations and the ritual of candle lighting was fantastic. Last Sunday Jan 2019 (downloadable service notes) Some photos…

Last Sunday – Darkness Yields

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in Jan 2018 was in celebration of Candlemas (Jesus being presented at the temple) and was called ‘Darkness Yields’   Making use of the early sunset, this service was mainly candle lit which was great and everyone received a candle at the end of the service. LSJan 2018 OS Last Sunday JanContinue reading “Last Sunday – Darkness Yields”

Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery

I’ve been doing a bit of work for ‘Foundation‘, an alt:worship community in Bristol, within the Anglican tradition. Their worship is shaped by ancient and contemporary sources, ranging from monastic and contemplative traditions to creative and multimedia reflections.  I’ve been tasked with curating the ‘Last Sunday’ services and including elements of; creative worship, dramatic scripture, reflections, prayerContinue reading “Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery”