Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 22

It’s been a disappointing year for film releases, with many companies choosing to postpone big movies until cinemas are back on their feet. The next instalment of Bond is an obvious loss but we’ve also had nothing from Marvel in 2020. As a self professed comic book movie junkie, I’ve turned to the small screenContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 22”

Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 22 : Good Bye Stan.

As a self professed comic book movie junkie, it would seem remiss of me not to mention the late Stan Lee who sadly left our world earlier this year. The creator of a majority of Marvel characters, Stan has a lot to answer for in terms of my movie collection. Lately of course we haveContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 22 : Good Bye Stan.”

The 101 Project 013/101 – Avengers

the 101 project has a number of boards dedicated to individual members of various teams but sometimes it’s good to see them all together. The Avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The team made its debut in The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963), created by writer-editor StanContinue reading “The 101 Project 013/101 – Avengers”