Creative Chaos #22

Picture Although at heart I’m a get your hands dirty artist, I have like so many other creatives, been producing more and more art with digital media. I came across this piece the other day and it reminded me of the fractal pictures artists first produced years back.   Art Philipp Igumnov is an artistContinue reading “Creative Chaos #22”

lets get visual, visual…

I tend to skip over the advertising in magazines but Bang and Olufsen (Wired UK 08/11 p20) have caught my eye. The big selling point at the top of their advert for the Beosound 8 says “Incredible Sound. Incredible offer.” but it’s the tag line underneath the massive image that caught my attention. It saysContinue reading “lets get visual, visual…”

Jargon Watch – Gladvertising

Traditional and Digital forms of advertising have been merging for a couple of years. QR codes and apps such as iAds have led the way but now there is a much scarier future for advertising. Gladvertising has been described as (Wired UK 07/11 p36, Wired US 07/11 p48); Gladvertising n. Outdoor advertising that uses camerasContinue reading “Jargon Watch – Gladvertising”