An exciting new collaborative project exploring the language and culture of pioneer ministry and mission.

The word ‘Pioneer’ has gone from obscurity to banality in less than 20 years. As the movement has developed into a broad spectrum of different ways of working, there are an increasing number of people exploring what a call to pioneering is. This project is both for this group but also for those who already find themselves involved in anything that might be deemed pioneer ministry or mission.


Pop Pioneer Podcast

As we explore the language of pioneering, I’m looking to host a podcast that invites 3 or 4 practitioners to join me on a virtual sofa each episode. The idea is to knock about some thoughts and stories based on an A-Z word list. Each episode would take a letter and discuss words beginning with that letter that relate to pioneering. For example – adventurer, activator, animator, agent, avent-garde, ambassador, activist. My vision is for an upbeat and inspiring podcast. If you’d like to be a guest, get in touch!


We all need a bit of inspiration and one of the places we go for it is Insta. Wouldn’t it be great to have images and quotes from pioneering as part of our feeds? However, it takes a lot of time to keep a channel active so lets collaborate on producing the content… You know what inspires you so why not produce something similar and we can throw it up for everyone.

If you’d like to put a few posts together you can email them to : poppioneering at gmail dot com

Youtube Channel

There’s a couple of videos on the Pop Pioneer youtube channel but it would be great to have more content. Are you someone who has produced video on pioneering but you don’t want to host it yourself? Do you want to showcase something to what will hopefully become a large pioneer audience? Do you have a channel you’d like to direct people to by sharing your story? I’d love for the Pop Pioneer youtube channel to be the home of inspiring and encouraging videos on pioneering. Do get in touch if you’d like to contribute.


There isn’t one at the minute but if you thought a facebook page or group might be helpful then we could set one up. There seems to be a lot of facebook groups about pioneering but maybe this would share a different sort of content?

If you think it’s worth having something and you’d like to suggest why then do get in contact and we can set it up together.

Let’s make something together.