mis.sion.al game

The word ‘Mission’ means something different to everyone. Over the last 100 years the academic study of mission has broadened the definition and there is now a wide ranging breadth of understanding.

mis.sion.al is designed to help find the origins of your understanding of mission and to introduce you to new definitions and ideas.

Who is the game for?

The game is ideal for: TEIs, church leaders, mission organisations or anyone wanting to to explore what it means to be missional in our time.

How to play

Part 1 – The first part of the game is where all the players place the A5 game cards on the timeline on the order they think events happened chronologically. This is followed by the facilitator working with the group to put them in the correct order.

Part 2 – The second part of the game is to explore various aspects of missional thinking. This can be done by reading the information cards that relate to each of the numbered game cards and the accompanying topic cards which are colour coded and have their own sets of discussion questions. There’s a variety of ways this section of the game can be organised depending on group size.

Part 3 – The third section is not so much part of the game as a resource to encourage ongoing learning / exploration of the themes within the game. There are a separate set of ‘question cards’ which can be used as study prompts or in a follow up session with the group that has played the game. The questions are broad in nature and are designed to spark discussion.

Running the Game

At present, the game is only available with James to facilitate it. It best works as a full day with two sessions in the morning, plus a group working session and presentations in the afternoon.

The game section can be played as a half day activity with other material left for future exploration / assignments.

The cost is £350 for the full day (plus travel etc)