Design and Consultation service

As we continue to meet more regularly online, many people are searching for a platform which is more interactive than zoom. One option is ‘’, a mix of video conferencing and a role play game. I can design your space to look like any environment and help you to navigate interactive elements such as whiteboards, videos, speaker spaces etc. See below for a more in depth video introduction and a link to a demo space.

Demo Space

If you have never used, it can take a few minutes to register (free) and get used to controlling your avatar.

Once you have entered the space, you control your avatar by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you get stuck, you can press the ‘e’ on your keyboard and it should respawn you. If something glows yellow then it’s an interactive element which you can engage with by pressing the ‘x’ key on your keyboard. I suggest you ask a friend on a different computer to log in at the same time so you can experience the video interactivity element.