Digital fly on the wall

Now, I’m not saying that people are not listened to in churches… well – I am really, but perhaps this technology could change the way churches work so they are more positively influenced by what the congregation are saying. Bluefin Labs have come up with a cunning piece of technology that is basically a digitalContinue reading “Digital fly on the wall”

lets get visual, visual…

I tend to skip over the advertising in magazines but Bang and Olufsen (Wired UK 08/11 p20) have caught my eye. The big selling point at the top of their advert for the Beosound 8 says “Incredible Sound. Incredible offer.” but it’s the tag line underneath the massive image that caught my attention. It saysContinue reading “lets get visual, visual…”

mood inspired worship

In a previous post (see here) I talked about using gladvertising technology to provide tailored bible study notes but what would it be like to have ‘on tap’ worship resources that are tailored to your mood? I’m not talking just about music (worship = music is a bit 90s), I mean pictures, video and audio.Continue reading “mood inspired worship”