Last Sunday – Homeward Bound

In March I curated a service for Foundation called ‘Homeward Bound’ We went on a journey around the Church to 4 different immersive environments that focused on various verses from Psalm 23. The service opened with a Dramatic Monologue from a homeless person at a bus stop. I personally liked this service as I think the collect andContinue reading “Last Sunday – Homeward Bound”


Foundation‘s Last Sunday service in February was based on a brilliant service I attended at Greenbelt in 2009. It was all about slowing down, not being part of the more, more, more culture. I magpied some of the liturgy Church on the Corner used in 2009 then interspersed some other ideas. Here’s a copy ofContinue reading “decelerate”

Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery

I’ve been doing a bit of work for ‘Foundation‘, an alt:worship community in Bristol, within the Anglican tradition. Their worship is shaped by ancient and contemporary sources, ranging from monastic and contemplative traditions to creative and multimedia reflections.  I’ve been tasked with curating the ‘Last Sunday’ services and including elements of; creative worship, dramatic scripture, reflections, prayerContinue reading “Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery”