Apps – They’re Child’s Play

Puck Meerburg is 12. He has 7 Apps (mostly free) which include TafelTrainer which helps children learn their times tables and a guide to The Netherland’s oldest museum. Meerburg taught himself Javascript, PHP and jQuery when he was seven of eight and hopes to be a games designer. Puck says that “In 10 years, computersContinue reading “Apps – They’re Child’s Play”

Conscientious Consumption

I’m guessing that my church isn’t the only one to have signed up to be a ‘fair trade parish’? yours too! excellent. However, I do wonder to what extent having a paper certificate on the notice board really makes a difference. I’ve noticed a dreadful lack of fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits in ourContinue reading “Conscientious Consumption”

want to control your social network?

Apparently there’s an algorithm for it. One that Jean-Jacques Slotine of MIT plus Yang-Yu Liu and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi from Northeastern University, Boston have managed to develop (WIRED UK 09.11 p21). This picture shows a visual representation by Mauro Martino of 800’000 slashdot users and Slotin say that “a small number of individuals has real influenceContinue reading “want to control your social network?”