Art as Liturgy

This is the transcript from a short presentation I did at ‘Friendly Forum’ on Thursday evening. Imagine if the local church became known as a place to experience creativity, transcendence, and beauty. Hundreds of years ago churches were, in many ways, centres for these experiences. Somehow, over time we’ve abdicated that role but I’m passionate aboutContinue reading “Art as Liturgy”

can we create uber church?

So I think we could learn a thing or two from, the new website that intends to rescue you from taxi rank hell. You’ve been there: it’s 3am and raining in London and you’ve been waiting for a taxi for half an hour after a big night out. Feels good, huh? Travis Kalanick feltContinue reading “can we create uber church?”

Prayer Pods

The more people I speak to people about new monasticism, the more I find people struggling to find a quiet space, somewhere they can reflect and pray. Although the garden shed may suffice, a space full of tools and the smell of damp grass may not be overly conducive to time with God. So, here’sContinue reading “Prayer Pods”