what’s the magic number?

If we take the lyrics of a popular song then the answer is 3, which is echoed as a pretty decent answer if you consider the trinity of Father, Son and Spirit. Mathematically, 8 is pretty special – the number 8 is involved with a number of interesting mathematical phenomena related to the notion of BottContinue reading “what’s the magic number?”

Apps – They’re Child’s Play

Puck Meerburg is 12. He has 7 Apps (mostly free) which include TafelTrainer which helps children learn their times tables and a guide to The Netherland’s oldest museum. Meerburg taught himself Javascript, PHP and jQuery when he was seven of eight and hopes to be a games designer. Puck says that “In 10 years, computersContinue reading “Apps – They’re Child’s Play”

The future of musical worship

At #cnmac11 @vickybeeching mentioned that Bjork (how do you get an umlaut on wordpress?) has released an album as a series of Apps. This is an incredibly creative way to use digital media and goes someway to combat the music piracy that is destroying the industry. “It’s fitting that Bjork’s first app album uses technologyContinue reading “The future of musical worship”