Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 22

‘Portals’ from Avengers Endgame – Alan Silvestri

It’s been a disappointing year for film releases, with many companies choosing to postpone big movies until cinemas are back on their feet. The next instalment of Bond is an obvious loss but we’ve also had nothing from Marvel in 2020. As a self professed comic book movie junkie, I’ve turned to the small screen to fill the void. Disney+ has supplied The Mandalorian, Agent Carter and Agents of Shield. Prime has been my go to for box sets including: The Magicians, Into the Badlands, The Boys, Red Oaks, Alex Rider, Hannah, The couple of seasons of LOST and The Last Ship and I’ve just started watching Stargirl.

During Lockdown however, I did rewatch a good number of the Marvel franchise thanks to Disney+. I’ve not done the whole lot in chronological order as a bunch of my friends have but I enjoyed revisiting the Thor trilogy, the Iron Man trilogy, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Captain America Civil War and Avengers Endgame.

There is something about the Avengers movies which is endearing to me. I think it’s the fact they come together to achieve something rather than the solo (or solo and sidekick) scenarios of so many superheroes.

In a year that has seen such turbulent change across the world, it has been good to see communities come together. Our family particularly enjoyed seeing our street out in their front gardens for the VE Day celebrations. There was bunting up and people sharing homemade scones and tea. We put an Echo by the front door playing big band swing music and everyone chatted for a couple of hours.

What struck me watching Endgame again is that almost the entire cast from the Marvel Universe comes together. Perhaps this is a good reminder that, despite Brexit, we are still part of a wider world who need to come together to fight the pandemic and move forwards with love and grace. Many of the characters in the nativity story are those at the heart of political and cultural debate – asylum seekers, refugees, travellers and those who had no place to sleep. I wonder how many people really think that through tucking into their Turkey and opening countless boxes of chocolates?

As we head into 2021, what will you be doing to bring people together? To fight injustice? To serve those less fortunate than ourselves?

Wakanda Forever.

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