Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 16

There’s are some people in the world who are shameless geeks. Their houses are full of 12 inch figures from science fiction films, posters from cult TV shows and there’s a life size Dalek in the living room. These people attend Comic Cons dressed as super heroes or members of the rebellion or Spock from Star Trek with a Steampunk twist. I have small collection of items that put me in the geek category but I hide this from most of the general public. I think my wish list is probably more telling – Tron Pop Vinyl, sonic screwdriver, lego star wars micro fighters, Star Trek TNG Communicator, Narnian Sword, Rambaldi artefacts, Starlabs T-Shirt, a Delorian… that sort of thing.

One of my favourite types of art is fan art. I always assumed this may seem ‘a bit niche’ but I’m guessing I’m really not the only geek in the world. Ive included a slightly bigger gallery than normal with todays post in celebration of fan art – how many characters, films, games, cultural icons can you name?

So what does this have to do with Advent I hear you ask?

Well, It got me thinking about whether advent is a bit niche too…

Society seems to have lost a general engagement with preparing for the coming of Christ in favour of just the celebration on Dec 25th. Perhaps, it seems to me, that advent has become a bit geeky – is it just for those of us with a contemplative spiritual leaning? I think this is a shame and I hope some of what we do this month will encourage those around us to engage with Advent not just Christmas.

Sadly this year we are unable to invite people over for seasonal drinks or have an advent retreat or any of the other ways we might invite our friends and neighbours to explore Advent. However, there must be ways we can still invite people to explore the story, to engage with the journey as well as the destination?

What are you doing to draw people into the mystery?

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