Looking back : Galvanise

I’m looking back over some of the projects I’ve done here on anewloom over the years to see what I can learn as I move forwards…

One of the projects I did was ‘Galvanise your Creativity’. I’m not sure exactly what it was and I can’t find the graphic I used either – it may have been lost at some point migrating the blog.

What I do remember is that I did a couple of hundred blog posts which explored the fact we are more creative the more diverse our range of ‘inputs’. I think the idea was echoed in the Creative Chaos posts during 2019.

I continue to be a great believer in an image speaking a thousand words and I have collected hundreds of images I’ve used here on the blog over the years. As I reflect on what I’ve learnt, I have been browsing back through the images and I’ve chosen 100 that I really like for a variety of reasons to share with you today. As you look though, ask yourself what these images might say to you – perhaps about yourself, your spirituality, advent or your life journey.

I believe the same diversity principle is true for our spirituality – the more we experience and try and engage with, the more likely we are to find a holistic way of being. I’m hoping that I can encourage and support people to explore contemplative spirituality through the Guild of the Yawning Cloister that I’m developing. More on that once the website is up and running but if you’re interested in a ‘spirituality adventure journey’ then do get in touch.

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