First day…

So this morning I dropped off the kids for their first day at their new school here in Durham. Our daughter was a bit shy but happily went in with the Teaching Assistant – I don’t think it will last, she’ll be bossing people about by lunch time. My first shock was seeing how many dads were dropping off Yr 1s and were happy to chat. Apparently they had all been told about their children’s new classmate after our visit on Friday. Our son was invited to play by a couple of boys in his new class so they were all running about while I held back the tears chatting to mum’s by the running track. All in all, I think they’ll have a lovely time and I should be less of an emotional wreck by the time I have to pick them up.

It’s generally been a pretty emotional time, I think transitions usually are. I have a pretty good indicator of whether I’m ‘ok’ or not as my IBS flares up when I’m stressed or emotions are running high and my stomach has felt like a washing machine for weeks. I don’t think it helps that we’re here now which means I have to work out what I’m doing to earn some money. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet – the re-branded explains some of what I’m hoping to pioneer / start / try etc.

In other news… It’s Monday so that meant doing the weekly shop which in turn meant a trip to a different Lidl store. It is mostly set out the same which is helpful as I like to spend as little time in there as possible. My hunch was correct though – the lack of personality and sense of humour in Lidl staff is in fact limited to the South. Actually, people are generally more friendly up here – on the phone as well as in person. There’s no way a dad would have initiated a conversation on the playground in Somerset.

Advent feels like it might be more significant or poignant this year as we reflect on waiting / preparing at the same time as we wait for our house purchase to go through and as we begin our new chapter here in Durham. The nativity story has a plethora of ‘firsts’ in it, I can imagine that there were some butterflies in tummies for some of the characters we’ll be meeting again as we open the windows on our advent calendars (if you have a traditional one).

Thanks again for all your supportive comments via social media as I develop this blog – its great to have your interaction.

Until next time…

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