150 ft square

We’ve had everything we own in smaller spaces. However, 150 ft square is apparently the current space we need to store a majority of our worldly belongings while we wait for our house purchase to go through. I’m pretty sure before we had children we managed to get it into a space 50 ft square but children seem to attract detritus. I’m also sure I played more Tetris than the removal men who unloaded the truck the time round.

So, we’re in Durham but not in our own space yet. We will forever be indebted to the very kind friend who has let us descend on her home for the next few weeks. We visited the kid’s new school on Friday afternoon and we’ll spend an hour or two today putting name labels on all the new uniform. We’ll head out to a park or something later and we’re looking forward to exploring some old haunts and finding new places to hang with the kids.

It’s a weird feeling being back, knowing that there’s lots of friends we’ve not seen for 8 years who are 8 years further along with their own lives – who will we reconnect with? Who will have moved on from our kind of humour? Who will it feel like we’ve never been away from? Will anyone else be on a similar contemplative spiritual path to us? Will anyone want to start a mens ‘fireside’ group with me to explore masculinity? Does any of this matter when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic? So many questions…

If listening to my body is anything to go by then I think it has taken far more energy than I thought to get through the last couple of weeks. The amount of sugar I’ve consumed since Wednesday is probably not helping but i’m hoping that my IBS will calm down and i’ll get a decent nights sleep sometime soon. Mental health wise, I think I’ve actually faired pretty well – stayed on top of what needed doing but i’m hoping it hasn’t cost me too much physically.

Finally, for those of you who follow my TV habits – Season 7 of Agents of Shield is now streaming on Disney+ which has a fantastic time hopping storyline highlighting just how far we’ve come in the fight against racism and gender inequality. Totally wish I’d been on the production design team as they have awesome costumes…

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  1. Love a bit of Agent Shield, and yeah the costumes are brilliant. Have you come across Annie Atkins? She’s an amazing designer, does all the props for the Wes Anderson films.
    Glad the move was ok, hopefully you’ll get in your house soon.

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