3ish days to go…

I’m tired. The packing is almost done and i’m working down a daily to do list to make sure everything gets done ready for our move. It’s that last little push that takes so much energy. Making sure the kids are ok, prepared for what’s to come but also ready to say good byes. We’re finishing off food from the freezer, choosing which activities, snacks and toys to have accessible in the camper for the 6+ hours it will take to get to Durham.

I wasn’t going to write a post today as it didn’t feel like I had much to say but then I got to thinking that this is a blog about my journey transitioning into a working dad so it must be relevant to share that I’m tired and have a head ache and won’t be staying up very late.

I’ve been doing better with my mental health but a couple of things today zapped the energy right out of me. One of those things is other people’s expectations. As a Myers Briggs INTP I’d be pretty happy living in a bubble by myself as long as I had something creative to do. If you’ve ever seen the film Flubber, my personality type is like that of Prof. Philip Brainard played by the late Robin Williams.

But the world is about people and I will continue to try and learn how to better communicate with, understand and support those around me.

For those who follow my TV watching habits –

The Mandalorian season 2 is great, almost worth Disney+ just for that really.

His Dark Materials (BBC) continues to pose valuable questions about faith, spirit and the world beyond our own.

If you do happen to have Disney+, there is an array of fantastic documentaries. I’ve just watched the last couple of episodes in the One Day at Disney series which showcases different people who work across the Disney company. Fascinating insight into the vast range of jobs people have. They must have one of the best staff retention rates in the world, loads of the people interviewed have been with the company for decades.

Agents of Shield Season 7 is also brilliant and is being released an episode a week. It’s like the good old days when you had to wait before finding out what happens rather than binge watching a season in a weekend. There’s something quite satisfying about being patient.

That said, I did binge Red Oaks Season 3 last week but it’s only 6 episodes.

What’s your favourite TV show? Maybe I’ll have time to check out some different shows in the new year…


  1. Thanks for your honest James, it’s great to see you on this journey. You are doing amazing! Let me know if I can help at all.

  2. Oh and I love Mando and His Dark Materials, and thanks for the recommendations of other things. The Boys is supposed to be good, but not got Prime so haven’t watched it yet. And stranger things- very cool 80s, but only watched a couple of those, but enjoyed them

    1. I’ve watched The Boys – great TV if you can deal with the graphic nature of the violence, language and sex. Very clever take on the superhero genre and also on Evangelical Christianity. Not one to watch with your parents… (or anyone’s parents).

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