Looking back : Advent

As I look back through previous posts and projects here at anewloom, Advent is a time I’ve often developed something to share with the world. Some images and links are broken due to having moved and renamed and messed about with the blog over the years but there’s still some great material.

In my previous looking back post I mentioned Curated Bristol and I must have been trying to advertise it when I designed this series. I think I was probably still on Instagram at the time too, which might explain the square nature of everything.

One of my more positive experiences in the last few years (Jan 2017 – Jan 2020) has been my role of Creative Worship Curator for the Foundation community in Bristol. I’ll talk more about this in another post but here’s some images of the advent services I curated for them.

Anyone who knows me even remotely well will appreciate my love of Narnia. Over the years I’ve designed a bunch of different experiences around the Chronicles. One of my favourites was a day retreat as part of the leadership module for my MA in Mission, Ministry and Theology. I’d love to continue with this sort of event once lockdown is lifted and moving up north means there’s a whole new audience.

I also did a series of reflective posts in 2018. As i’ve looked back through the material, much of it still inspires me so I’ve decided to update the posts for 2020 and send them out each day during Advent this year. So if you want to reflect on the themes of advent in conversation with Star Wars, Dinosaurs, Back to the Future and a bunch of other pop culture icons then do look out for posts from Dec 1st…

Lastly, I have a bunch of weird Christmas images that it seems a waste not to include here.

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