International Mens Day

It’s 8 days to go until our move to Durham… Yesterday I numbered all the packed boxes so far, 54 in total. You’ll be pleased to hear that our youngest went more than happily in to school this morning having been bribed with the promise of a sticker from the Headteacher.

Most other jobs got done yesterday, other than sanding and painting the bedroom cupboard as I got sidetracked researching the best way to sell resources over at anewloom. I’m attending a free event run by Teesside University this afternoon that should help to ‘Turn your digital start-up idea into a reality‘. I also had a number of reminders about International Mens Day events I’d signed up to attend tomorrow.

I’ll be attending Towards a More Expansive Model of Masculinity: What’s in it for Men? if i’m still awake at 1am as it’s based in Australia. Also, International Men’s Day | 50:50 in conversation with Brian Ballantyne. 50:50 asked me to write a blog post they used to advertise the event.

It’s encouraging to know there are other people out there who are working on reinventing masculinity. I mentioned some before but here’s a short list of people I’ve started to follow and engage with…

That’s it for today’s post as I have a seriously long email with a mammoth number of attachments to work through from our conveyancing solicitor.

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