Looking Back

As I prepare to take on the new challenge of being a freelance dad and I work out what I’m going to focus on, I’ve been looking back to some of the projects I’ve developed in the past.

Many of these projects were ideas that didn’t really take off (by which I mean, become financially sustainable). Partly because I’m really not good at marketing either myself or my ideas but mostly because they were ‘good ideas’ not entrepreneurial ideas that really met a need for other people. Or more accurately, they met a need I perceived rather than one I found in discussion with others.

That said, everything is part of your learning journey and I’m reminded of the quote

The future runs through the past.

Bolger and Gibbs – Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures

So I thought I’d share some of that journey before hitting the road as it were with the new communities and consultancy. I hope this process of sharing will allow me the opportunity to reflect on what I have done at the same time as allowing you some further insight into what drives me, gives me energy, excites me to create…

This was a project (developed in 2017) with the aim of gathering creatives to explore faith and spirituality. Bristol is one of the most creative cities I’ve ever experienced but there seemed to be a complete disconnect between the creative industries and church. My hope was to gather a bunch of people and explore a topic with someone (i’m not keen on the word ‘expert’) involved in that type of creativity. I lined up poets, writers, film makers, musicians, painters, furniture makers and others who were willing to come and share their stories. Sadly this all got put on hold as I got a job in Wells and we moved in early 2018.

Learning points

  • I still like my choice of fonts in the logo
  • I still think more could be done to align spirituality and creativity
  • It’s important to think locally as well as big picture
  • creativity is really important to me
  • don’t do too much planning before just starting something

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