10 days to go…

Two days ago my wife left.

Thankfully this was a planned event and we’ll be rejoining her in Durham in 10 days time.

Before leaving I was instructed with various gems of parenting knowledge that I’ve since put to good use, mostly to make sure my children remain alive. I have not left the wicker snack basket on top of the hob, I have not left sharp knives on the edge of the kitchen counters, I have not left children alone eating ice lollies or in the bath. I turn off the toaster at the wall each night. I have removed hot water bottles from beds before leaving the room.

Otherwise, life remains basically the same

  • daily frustration over how long it takes to get two children out the door to school in the morning, especially when one has decided it’s toilet time as the door opens.
  • school run with the added joy of trying to social distance and not judge the parents who blatently don’t care there’s a global pandemic.
  • trying to remember what day of the week it is in terms of PE, reading books, mufti for children in need etc.
  • washing, drying, folding (ish), putting away.
  • washing up and trying to keep the counter tops as clean as Kate does.
  • failing to hoover as often as our children necessitate.
  • continuing to pack up the house and realising I can’t do basic tasks like making flapjack as I’ve already packed the kitchen scales.
  • taking things off walls, filling holes, sanding and painting in order to get our deposit back.
  • spending too much time exploring other dad’s blogs and related events on parenting and masculinity so the above are all done in half the time they really need.

On a more emotional note… Our youngest is struggling to go into school, lots of hugs and holding onto legs in the playground. It must be hard for a 6 year old to process moving to the other end of the country and not having mum around for 12 days. I’ve become aware of just how emotionally taxing that event is for me. I really dislike having to pass off my sad and frustrated child into the arms of the teacher every morning, it pulls on my heartstrings. I often see mums with a tear in their eye at the start of a new school year and I’m beginning to understand that feeling now.

I also did the weekly shop this morning. I’ve done this for a while on a Monday and I don’t mind it as I enjoy people watching, especially at the tills in Lidl. I have dutifully downloaded their new app and saved a few quid with the vouchers. It’s especially worth it if you spend £200 a month as you get £10 off the next shop. If only their products lasted as long as the date on the packet and their staff learned to smile I’d truly be happy shopping there.

Right, I must get to some of the daily tasks as I have a 3rd Order Franciscan meeting at 2pm when I’m sharing my MA dissertation on Poverty, Chastity and Obedience (more exciting than it sounds).

until next time…

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