Get out the way…

I’ve mentioned before about my conviction that more men need to get out the way to allow women to fulfil their potential in the world. It feels a little like I’m doing that with my change of focus as my wife takes a full time position.

I’m encouraged to hear that Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Elect Kamala Harris took a step back from his work to support her during her meteoric rise to be the first woman and person of colour to be vice president. It’s also great to read in the last couple of days that Joe Biden is likely to give more key roles to women than previous presidents have.

It’s not just in the work environment either. I came across this interesting phrase ‘man slamming‘ which refers to the likelihood of a woman being slammed by a man walking down the street. The whole way men are in the world is dominant and this needs to change.

In fact, the more I research into confined masculinity and the different movements to make a change, the more ‘manosphere’ groups I find who are determined to keep the status quo. There was a great article in The Guardian in August, ‘Men going their own way‘ which explores the slightly more extreme measures some men are taking to hold on to their masculinity. It’s not an easy read for someone who is interested in helping free people from the deeply rooted confined masculinity which rules so many parts of our society.

The male centric world relates to all sorts of spheres of life. The BBC had an article in 2019 which highlighted ways that design is stacked against women – from space suits to crash test dummies.

If you want to support gender equality then there’s some great tips over at

Reflection: Are there ways that you recognise you need to get out of the way? Or are there men who are obviously in the way of you progressing your career? I’d love to hear your suggestions on practical ways men can ‘get out the way’…

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