What’s In A Name pt2

Continuing to explore ‘how do I label what I do now’…

I have started following (mostly on LinkedIn) a number of other dads who are exploring the balance between work and family life.

One of the guys is Dan Reed who founded Career Dad which has a blog, podcast and newsletter which are all worth exploring. After my last post, perhaps I could ‘Career Dad’ as an option for what I say I am now? Except, I don’t have a career… I have spent 20 years toing and froing between design, theatre, education and faith based sectors. I have not forged a traditional career path.

Another is Brian Ballantyne, founder of Men for Inclusion. He has a book ‘Confessions of a Working Father’ which perhaps leads back to the ‘working dad’ option. I’m not totally at ease with ‘working dad’, probably because I’m looking forward to freelancing.

I think at this point I’m veering towards freelance dad as it’s closest to what I’ll actually be doing, I’ll just have to get over the fact it sounds like I can be hired to do parenting… This post is an interesting take from Chris O’Shea on how freelancing can enhance your opportunities as a parent.

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