What’s In A Name?

Shakespeare quotes make the best post titles don’t they…

As I continue the journey transitioning from having a half time job and completing an MA towards a focus on the family, house and freelancing – some queries have come up about what I’m calling myself. I’m no fan of labels but when people ask you what you do, you need some sort of thought out reply.

The question is currently whether ‘stay at home dad’ is either accurate or helpful. I think in the last couple of weeks it has helped me to get my brain around a change in direction, a move in priorities, a shift of focus. However, does it bring to mind an image of someone who isn’t in work? If I say I’m a stay at home dad, do you immediately think I can’t or won’t be helping financially support my family? Does it bring to mind cartoon images of men with rubber gloves or the music video to Queen’s ‘I want to break free’?

It’s difficult in a culture with such strong embedded stereotypes to explain what I’m moving towards. I guess I could use the male form of ‘working mum’ and say I’m a working dad? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone say that’s what they are so what would that mean to you? Perhaps I’m a dad that works – does that put the emphasis on family first?

I’ll actually be freelancing which means I should probably be a freelance dad but that sounds like I can be hired to look after your children and frankly mine are enough, thanks very much. Perhaps I’m a dad who freelances, would that make sense to you?

What do other dads who freelance call themselves?

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