Home vs Professional

Reading through some material on masculinity the other day it struck me that there is a really disjointed view of some skills. The article I was reading talked about Caring, Cooking and Cleaning as being feminine skills that dads need to engage with.

I do all those things (to various degrees of success) but I’d like to focus on cooking for this post. I was intrigued that when at home, cooking, as far as that writer was concerned, is a feminine skill but many of the top chefs in the world are male. So where does this disconnect come from?

It seems to me that this is not as simple as a gender based skills discussion, although I think that’s worth having given the lack of females in construction, aviation and tech. There seems to be something deeply buried in our society that still says women should be in the home and men can do whatever they like and be at the top of whatever trade / profession they choose.

This is harmful not only to women who want to be in the workplace but to men like me who have chosen to be stay at home dads. I’ve not looked up any scientific research on this but surely as humans we are all capable of being competent in a variety of skills regardless of gender? I guess some personalities are more prone towards certain jobs but that’s not gender based.

How can we help society to move beyond these deeply embedded and unhelpful stereotypes?

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