Reinventing Masculinity

I found this book, Reinventing Masculinity mentioned in a post on LinkedIn. As I begin my journey to becoming a stay at home dad (last day of work tomorrow), I thought it might give me some useful insights.

I’ve only read the foreward and the preface but it’s already sparking ideas I would like to explore further, not least the suggestion that many of my favourite films (James Bond, Avengers etc) are about unhelpful archetypes. I’m interested that the hunter gatherer that we so often see as an aggressive alpha type probably gained their status through non-aggressive altruism, caring and sharing – this brings me hope that there is something historical to reclaim as men.

I like the question ‘How can we free ourselves from this absurd, competitive, destructive, and intensely hierarchical culture?’ I’ll share any insights I gain from the rest of the book as I read it…

The preface includes a few comments on the toxicity of the prevailing male stereotype which i’m interested to explore. The book refers to it as ‘confined masculinity’ and suggests that as we seek to demonstrate traits like empathy, curiosity and collaboration we are up against a confined consciousness.

It is then, a liberating masculinity that the book will discuss and I look forward to seeing if it is indeed

a version of masculinity that releases men from the limiting, damaging, counterproductive bonds of traditional views of manhood.

Reinventing Masculinity p7

The final chapter is entitled ‘Honoring the Soul of Men’ which I’m particularly interested in as someone who has worked in the faith and spirituality sector. I wonder what role I can play in helping other men, not just other stay at home dads to engage with a different sort of masculinity, one that is compassionate and aware of others?

until next time…

Just a quick disclaimer about affiliate marketing – I will receive funds from Waterstones if you choose to purchase a product from them after clicking on a link within this blog post. I will never suggest a product that I have not read / used myself. This is a form of income which I am currently exploring and I welcome your feedback on whether it feels like a good fit with this blog or an intrusion.

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