The Irony of LinkedIn

Having deleted all my social media (and many other web based) accounts during lockdown as they were negatively affecting my mental health – I went back on LinkedIn to see what roles I might apply for.

A matter of weeks later and we’d decided I would become a stay at home dad as my wife was offered a fabulous full time role as an NHS Chaplain. By this time I had reconnected with a bunch of people I’ve not seen in nearly a decade and started to network with loads of exciting people in the North East.

It comes as some what of an irony for a stay at home dad that I’m using a business / employment based social media platform as my only form of online interaction. However, I don’t miss facebook – I don’t miss the opinionated BS or the pictures of people’s dinners, the jealousy I have of people’s opportunities to travel or constantly crossing ‘the line’ with members of clergy. LinkedIn thus far seems to be a friendlier place. I only hope that sharing life experiences as a stay at home dad fits people’s expectation of LinkedIn. Well, to be honest – I don’t care that much as I think it will help people to re-assess what role parenting plays in their own lives or how important their work really is in relation to other areas of their lives. I guess I am now seeing my primary ‘job’ as the three Cs – Caring, Cleaning and Cooking.

Due to not being on any social media other than LinkedIn – if you know anyone who might enjoy this blog, do forward it on or share or comment or however you like to show your support.

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