The Fear

There’s a higher level of fear involved in the decision to be a stay at home dad than I might have initially expected. This might just be a fear of the unknown as we’re still transitioning and I’m not fully integrated into this new way of being but I think it’s more than that.

There’s a fear of not being as good a parent as my wife.

There’s a fear about what other people will think of a dad doing the school run (although I already do it so maybe this should be further down the list).

There’s a fear that I’ll balls up something important like remembering to send in tins for harvest festival or swimming kit or money for remembrance day slap bands…

There’s the fear I won’t get to do anything I ‘want’ to do becasue I’ll be too busy with laundry, cooking and ironing school uniform.

There’s a fear that i’ll be mis-understood because lets be honest, society is not set up for stay at home dads in any way what-so-ever.

But here’s the thing. Surely we are all just doing our best and if we’re aware enough of those around us then we can be (and find) the support, encouragement and inspiration we and others need. So i’ll be putting those fears on the back burner for now and looking forward to the challenges that being a renaissance dad requires of me.

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