Stereotype Threats

Although I’ve been living with stereotype threats, I had never come across the term until I signed up to a webinar for International Mens Day by 50 50 Future. I suddenly became aware that I have been unconsciously battling societal norms since my wife and I agreed to both have part time jobs and bring up our own children. This is not a judgement on any parents who both work and have their children in childcare, the cost of living prohibits most from making the chocies we have and to be honest it’s brought its share of nightmares.

Steroetype threats are there when I drop the kids to school and when I do the weekly shop but having made the decision to become a stay at home dad, I am now more aware than ever of the expectations society puts on gender roles. As a pioneering, creative type, I sort of see this decision as a new challenge and I’ll learn as I go (do join me on the journey by subscribing to this blog). I’ll share more as I reflect on and experience the unspoken expectations I encounter.

The questions I’m currently asking are:

  • To what extent do we have to live with stereotype threats?
  • How can we be the change we want to see in terms of gender equality?
  • How do we best highlight these threats by living a different lifestyle?

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