If you have no idea what LIVE CREATIVE is, do check out the LIVE CREATIVE page. This post will give you a some examples on how you might engage with the new series of posts that will start on Jan 1st 2020, 7am each morning.

Below is an example of what a LIVE CREATIVE post will look like, following that are some ideas on how you might engage with it…


word of the day


prompt of the day

What would an elf do?

quote of the day

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up

Pablo Picasso

image of the day

So in what ways could you engage with the sources of inspiration in the example above?

The word ‘Ocean’ might conjure up ideas around; escape, travel, marine biology, plastic waste, boats, being lost… all these ideas could lead to further thoughts that relate to something you’re working on or something you are going through in life. Be aware of the emotions you are feeling as you reflect on the word and how your mind wanders from concept to concept.

Prompt of the day is a phrase that can aid you in taking a particular line of thinking… You might use it as a way to challenge yourself or brainstorm on a project or as a conversation starter or as a point of reference when dealing with a tough situation. In this example ‘what would an elf do?’, it might lead you to be more playful, songful or productive if you happen to be a toymaker.

Quotes are often a fantastic source of inspiration but it’s worth reflecting for a while on what they might have to say into your day rather than just the initial reaction… In this example you might reflect on what it is you’ve lost since your childhood, regaining some lost skills or having a playful attitude to your work. It may conjure up memories of other quotes or in this case, for me, the scriptures about having faith like a child.

Lastly, the image of the day may help to jog some creativity or could be used as a reflective tool in the same way as the word, prompt etc. This example might lead you to think about where you’re heading or missed opportunities or a tropical holiday you’ve been on – how might these things relate to your day?

The final thing, if you have a few spare minutes, is to consider how all these sources might work together… Today there are links between travel and playfulness. There may not be anything obvious to begin with but see what emerges when you continue to reflect…

Remember – the more sources of inspiration you engage with, the more likely you are to create something of value, whether that’s a product, an idea, a better day for your mental health or something entirely different altogether…

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