Book Worm Wednesday : Poetry

There’s a few poetry books that I go back to time and time again when I need something for a reflection or retreat or conference.

Shel Silverstein is just brilliant, something for any occasion. Witty and poignant.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

A Light in the Attic

Falling Up Special Edition: With 12 New Poems

David Adam’s celtic inspired collections are fabulous.

Radiance of His Glory: Prayers for the Church: Years A, B and C

The Rhythm of Life – Celtic Daily Prayer, New Edition

Tides and Seasons: Modern Prayers In The Celtic Tradition


Where the mist rises from the sea
Where the waves creep upon the shore
Where the wrack lifts upon the strand,
I have seen the Lord

Where the sun awakens the day
Where the road winds on its way
Where the fields are sweet with hay,
I have seen the Lord

Where the stars shine in the sky
Where the streets so peaceful lie
Where the darkness is so nigh,
I have seen the Lord

The Lord is here,
The lord is there,
The lord is everywhere,
The lord is high,
The lord is low,
The lord is on the path I go

From ‘Border Lands: The Best of David Adam

And having met him at a conference last year, I’m a huge fan of Malcolm Guite.

Word in the Wilderness: A poem a day for Lent and Easter

Sounding the Seasons: Seventy sonnets for Christian year

In Every Corner Sing: A Poet’s Corner collection

I’m particularly pleased that he has released a volume of poems for use at funerals. He has a brilliant talk on how most of the poetry used at funerals is completely out of context, unhelpful and floored generally as good literature goes.

Love, Remember: 40 poems of loss, lament and hope



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