Book Worm Wednesday : Kid’s Bedtime Stories #1

You may be asking what a post on Kid’s bedtime stories is doing on a blog dedicated to Prayer, Spirituality and Creativity… However, I truly believe Kid’s literature is one of the most creative story telling mediums there is. I’ve always been a fan of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, I was given a compendium of Biggles stories when I was about 11 and the Secret Seven were a staple of my youth…

But now I’m reading to my own kids and there’s a few authors that are deserving of their own post. I’ll begin with Amy Sparkes. We were given ‘Do Not Enter The Monster Zoo‘ by a friend who knows Amy (honorary mention to Colum and Lizzie) and we’ve been very lucky to be given many of her other books since. Do Not Enter The Monster Zoo is a great story about a child who wins a competition to be a zoo keeper for the day at a zoo full of monsters. It’s poetic and wonderfully illustrated, if you want to dip into the world of Amy’s work then this is a great place to start.

We’ve now got a pretty good collection of Sparke’s classics including;
Ellie’s Magic WelliesThe Goodnight StarRobo-Snot and The Mouse Who Sailed the Seas.

By far our children’s favourite, which we’ve now had to remove from the shelf due to the regularity of having to read it is… Alien’s Crazy Christmas

Do look out for other kids story authors in the coming months on Book Worm Wednesday. If you don’t want to miss any of the posts, do follow the blog by email or like the facebook page.  


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