Book Worm Wednesday : Graphic Scripture

In this new series of ‘Book Worm Wednesday’ posts I will highlight some the books I own, the ones I enjoy reading to my kids or I’m reading for my MA…

Today – Books that represent the Bible in a visual way.

A few weeks ago I was given ‘The Infographic Bible‘ which is an awesome overview of the whole Bible using infographics. It is at the Evangelical end of the spectrum in terms of presentation but still a really useful tool, if like me, you are a visual learner. Hardback too. Next up, ‘Theologygrams: Theology explained in diagrams‘. This is a stunning coffee table book with simple but poignant diagrams. My favourite is the page depicting the Gospel accounts of the Nativity story which has 3 interlinking circles and then John by himself in the corner.

Thirdly, There’s a good selection of visual bibles available including a number of Manga Bibles. The one I have, and I believe was the original, is ‘The Manga Bible – NT Extreme (Bible Tniv)‘ illustrated by the fantastic Siku.

Lastly, Jeff Anderson and Mike Maddon’s
‘The Lion Graphic Bible: The Whole Story from Genesis to Revelation‘ is a brilliant and engaging comic book style Bible that I use if I need a different angle on a story. It gives a real sense of character’s emotions and the energy of the stories which is so often lacking when listening to the scriptures being read in that weird monotone liturgical voice people choose to use.


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