Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 16 : A bit niche?

There’s are some people in the world who are shameless geeks. Their houses are full of 12 inch figures from science fiction films, posters from cult TV shows and there’s a life size Dalek in the living room. These people attend Comic Cons dressed as super heroes or members of the rebellion or Spock from Star Trek with a Steampunk twist…

I hide my inner geek from most of the general public but it’s definitely a personality trait that helps at pub quizes. I have a small Dalek on one of our book cases, a number of steampunk books and the themes from many of these posts go some way to showing what I spend my time watching on TV.

One of my favourite types of art is fan art and today’s visual inspiration is a collection of images that may seem ‘a bit niche’ but I’m guessing may appeal to a larger audience than we expect. You’ll find characters from 80s movies, science fiction shows, super heroes, computer games and other areas of popular culture from the last 30 years or so.

So what does this have to do with Advent I hear you ask?

Well, It got me thinking about whether advent is a bit niche too…

Society seems to have lost a general engagement with preparing for the coming of Christ in favour of just the celebration on Dec 25th. Perhaps, it seems to me, that advent has become a bit geeky – is it just for those of us with a contemplative spiritual leaning? I think this is a shame and I hope some of what we do this month will encourage those around us to engage with Advent not just Christmas.

I was put in charge of facilitating the staff at the diocese office to make a large star to put on the outside of our building for the Church of England #followthestar campaign. This was a great opportunity to get unchurched colleagues involved in thinking about what advent is and what it leads to but I wonder what we can do at a more local level – for our neighbours, for our friends?

In a couple of days time we will see how many of our neighbours take up our offer to come round for Christmas drinks. We’ll have some music playing and Mulled Cider (it is Somerset) and some snacks. There won’t be a sermon but I hope our children’s felt nativity pictures and the general atmosphere of our home draws people into the wonder of what it’s all about.

What are you doing to draw people into the mystery?

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