Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 6 : Mash Ups

It’s not easy to slow down during advent, the relentless drive towards consumerism is all around us via the TV, billboards, advertising and the expectations of of our family and friends or just society as a whole.

Silent night, Holy night, All is calm, All is bright

Calm and bright are not perhaps adjectives we would use to describe our experience during advent but that’s what we should be aiming for…

It’s difficult in our culture to bring the spiritual into our everyday lives, to live incarnationally, especially at such a busy time of year. But it’s not impossible, we can bring the two together. One of my favourite types of image to find on pinterest are the slightly geeky mash ups of two different stories. In the same way, I love it when we can mash up something spiritual with another part of our lives…

Here’s some suggestions for advent;

  • everytime you open your advent calendar, thank God for someone important to you.
  • when you watch a christmas film, think about the parallels it has with the nativity.
  • when you eat, pray for those who do not have enough.
  • when you hear a Christmas song, reflect on the spiritual nature of the lyrics.
  • as you brush your teeth each night, use the ignatius examen to reflect on your day.

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