Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 3 : Obsolete?

I wonder how many of your friends and family think that the ‘religious’ story that the Christmas season is based on is a bit obsolete? Is the spirituality of the season a bit of a dinosaur, it’s there but not really a living part of what we’re about…

The thing about dinosaurs (and the spiritual side of Christmas, this is a metaphor…) is that if you dig a little deeper you can find a world full of mystery and excitement. Did you know that the tallest dinosaur was 18.5m tall? Scientists think that the fastest dinosaur could run at around 60kph! In fact, it was a reverend in the 1800s that first noted the similarity between dinosaur and bird footprints, research that is now being used to decide if most dinosaurs were actually covered in feathers…

When I was a kid, dinosaurs were awesome, one of my favourite toys was a large plastic brachiosaurus from the Natural History Museum. Perhaps as we get older we loose track of what’s exciting and start to live day to day, paying the bills and making sure our own kids are fed… But there is room for the mystery and excitement to return (particularly when your own kids start exploring dinosaurs)  – let’s make room this advent to explore the spirituality of the season.

We are all like the inn keeper in the nativity story – we can decide if there’s room for Jesus in our lives during Advent and Christmas. Take a moment to reflect on what part spirituality will play in your life this Advent…

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