Prayer and Spirituality Enabler – A Reflection

I have completed my first week as Prayer and Spirituality Enabler for the Diocese of Bath and Wells and thought I’d share some reflections.

I am based in the diocese offices at the Old Deanery in Wells with the Cathedral just across the road and beyond that the market place and the rest of the city. As the smallest city in the country, it’s definitely by name not nature and perhaps that adds to the sense of community that seems to exist at the office. I was not expecting so many unicorns but the left over Christmas chocolates have helped calm the first week nerves. I am awaiting notice boards to go around my desk so I can populate them with postcards and calendars and flow diagrams like everyone else but in the mean time I’ve taken in a Lego calendar and a bunch of books.

I am part of the ‘discipleship team’ within the relatively new ‘Ministry for Mission’ framework. However, working in an open plan office means my working environment encourages inter team dynamics and it’s great to be working with the evangelism, mission and training teams. The education team is down the hall and It’s exciting to be working with them on prayer and spirituality in schools across the diocese too.

I also have a remit to work with the Cathedral on services which is very exciting and I enjoyed being part of a meeting this week about the regular family day events they run.

If there’s one word to describe my week it’s ‘EXCITING’! There are so many opportunities in the diocese to develop; rhythms of prayer, deanery based projects, resources for the exploration of spirituality in the christian tradition and encouraging parishes, clergy and individuals to attend retreats and consider pilgrimages as part of their faith development. I’m also (like a small child in a toy shop) quite excited about being able to move my little notice board thingumy from ‘out’ to ‘in’ when I arrive in reception.

I’m undertaking a mapping exercise in my first few months visiting rural deans and various communities / projects that are already running. I’ll also be meeting with the communications team to discuss the monthly prayer calendar that we produce and changes / improvements that could be implemented during the year.

So plenty to be getting on with in my 2.5 days a week. I’ll keep you posted!

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