Last Sunday – Never a Stranger

‘Never a Stranger’ was the Last Sunday service I curated for Foundation in April.

The theme was based around the story of Jesus meeting the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

There was a cool central focal point of a large signpost that was used as a context for the opening drama, the basis of one of the prayer stations and it also pointed to the other areas of the church we used during the evening.

As has become our custom at Last Sunday services, we travelled around to various places within the church for different parts of the service. This worked particularly well for Never a Stranger as it meant we could go into the house in Emmaus to hear the story. This was also the first service where I set up a reflection station in the space around the font at the back of the church. This is a super space as it’s small and fairly dark which makes it easier to create the desired contemplative atmosphere.

I did the reading as a voice over while playing the video below but stopped as we got to the section of Jesus sharing the bread and let the video take over.

One of the Reflection Stations was based on Jesus telling the disciples about the Old Testament verses that pointed towards him. I made a presentation of the faces of jesus that intertwined images of Jesus from around the world and some of the Old Testament verses he may have spoken about.

The reflection station based in the house in Emmaus used another video which I swiftly threw together so please excuse the editing!

You can get an idea of the service in the following documents;

Order of Service

Reflection Stations


Here’s some photos…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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