Only By Grace – PART 7 ‘Handed Over with Grace’

‘Only By Grace’

a series of reflections for Easter in the form of monologues by Judas Iscariot

This series of reflections take a different stance on grace than you may have experienced previously – this is grace through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. Written as a dramatic presentation, these posts during holy week 2017 are adapted from the original script. If you are joining part way through the journey, do head back to the introduction before continuing with the actual monologues.


I found them at Gethsemane, didn’t even notice me as they were asleep. I muttered to myself hiding in the bushes… Other words are coming that shall dry up your ears, as the things that shall follow will sting through your sight.

For a moment I wondered if I should go back – will this work? Will Jesus show his true colours? but it was too late to turn back, I had to follow through with it. I twisted my way back to the temple my mind full of hatred for the Pharisees and their dogs. They are vultures, ravens, bloody wolves, they have no sense of coming things… in a little while they will know, by the purification of fire that our lord has two kingdoms, one in heaven and one on earth, though of this he makes no boast. He holds it in the hollow of his hand, he grasps it firm…

This is the Hour, THIS IS THE HOUR!

It cannot have been his blood… running down the street from the place of scourging and neither will he be crucified. This sentence is just a blowing in the wind, your condemnation just an echo in the waters – none of this shall come to pass. The temple of Jesus who is the Christ shall rise before you as the sun rises glaring across the earth.

Dominion, dominion – where is it?

Now darkness build a temple over my soul. I have made a mistake. This man is not going to mount a revolution, all I have done is send an innocent man to his death.

Hide me from the eye of heaven… will hell now be a friend to Judas? I have caused the spilling of innocent blood.

If he, being son of God, consent to die seeming to prove the truth of all their taunts. If, with the power he hath to smite this city, the temple, tabernacle, all the hosts of men of valour – he will not speak – he will not lift a hand? If truly God in him, can without a thought bring earthquake underneath Jerusalem to swallow all to save his chosen flock, yet he consent meekly to be nailed to a felon’s cross? O God, blight each maddening sense, confuse my life so that I know it not – make me a darkness.

Already they speak of a tomb, there is still time my friends, still time. Speak not of a tomb unless it be for Judas…

Do the dead recollect their deeds on earth? They say God’s finger wrote in the sand, what did it write? Judas Iscariot?


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