Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery


I’ve been doing a bit of work for ‘Foundation‘, an alt:worship community in Bristol, within the Anglican tradition. Their worship is shaped by ancient and contemporary sources, ranging from monastic and contemplative traditions to creative and multimedia reflections. 

I’ve been tasked with curating the ‘Last Sunday’ services and including elements of; creative worship, dramatic scripture, reflections, prayer stations, multi-media, immersive / participatory activities and holy communion if we feel it fits the theme.

January 29th was the first ‘Last Sunday’ on the theme of Candlemas – the presentation of Jesus in the temple. It was a fabulous service with storytelling, a choir, reflections on the holocaust, social justice and Christ as the light of the world, an interactive response activity, prayers and a candle lighting ceremony. One of my personal highlights was my friend Joy singing a section of Bach’s ‘Ich Habe Genug’ as people received a lit candle.


You can take a look at the order of service – ls-jan17-os.

I’m looking for more opportunities to curate services, prayer labyrinths, retreats and other creative events for people to explore God’s story. If you’re in the Bristol area and you’d like to employ me a day a week or collaborate on a project, do get in touch via the contact page.

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