A formula for creativity – no.5 : Summation

At the end of the previous formula for creativity post we left the formula as; creativity = human factor to the power of their ability to have grit times a function of synthesis and originality…


but we’re not done yet as this assumes we only have one individual involved in the output of this creative idea. What we’re saying is that there could be lots of people involved in any project even if we think there’s only one person involved.

So we’re going to add the Greek symbol sigma which in mathematical terms is ‘the summation of’, the summation of the individuals who had a hand in the work. There has to be at least one person involved but the process could go on for eternity so at the other end of the spectrum is infinity, our range is between 1 and infinity.

image (5)

so here’s an example… It’s a collaboration between 2 photographers – Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehante, it was filmed in Yosemite National Park and as you watch I want you to ask yourself who’s the greater craftsman? (as discussed in a formula for creativity no.4 : il miglior fabbro) The two individuals who shot the footage, Dynamic Perception the company who made the motion controlled camera dollies, Canon who made the lenses, the people who have showed it to their friends or nature itself?

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