A formula for creativity – no.4 : il miglior fabbro

At the end of the previous formula for creativity post we left the formula as; creativity = grit times a function of synthesis and originality…

We don’t know if Pablo Picasso actually said this or whether it has just been romanticised but I like it anyway…

image (4)

What this illustrates for us is that nothing is original… that everything we organise, we synthesise is based on existing ideas and existing matter. Ultimately our ideas are their ideas re-imagined, reincarnated and refined. You can see this is the case if you follow the law suits between the big technology companies.

Here’s an example you may not have heard of… when TS Eliot wrote ‘The Wasteland’ it won him immediate international acclaim. It’s a very complex poem, partly because there is no plot, it is simply a collection of ideas and thoughts on the theme of the time that followed WWI. When he had finished writing it, it was over 800 lines long, that’s a long poem… he took it to his dear friend Ezra Pound, someone he trusted and respected greatly and said, Ezra would you look at this and give me your feedback. Ezra pound went to town with this thing, he struck it all the way down to 430 lines he moved entire paragraphs around – the opening line ‘April is the coolest month’ was something like line 55 in Eliot’s original draft. Ezra gave it back to Eliot who then passed on the revised manuscript to his wife Vivian who made a number of significant changes of her own, not so much changing the order of lines but rewriting them. When the poem was finally published, in the dedication at the front Eliot wrote, Dear Ezra Pound, il miglior fabbro which is an Italian phrase that means the greater craftsman.


So what this shows is that every creative endeavour we embark on has more than one creator, the human factor

h =   human factor (to the power of their ability to have grit)


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