can we create uber church?

So I think we could learn a thing or two from, the new website that intends to rescue you from taxi rank hell.

You’ve been there: it’s 3am and raining in London and you’ve been waiting for a taxi for half an hour after a big night out. Feels good, huh? Travis Kalanick felt the same: “I wished I could just push a button and get a chauffeur and a classy car.” he says. (WIRED UK Sept 12 p41) is the result – it’s a personal car service that aims to get a Mercedes, Jaguar or BMW to you within 5 minutes of ordering via the app and you don’t need money either, it’s all automatically charged to your credit card. It doesn’t cost much more than a black cab so who wouldn’t use such a service?

Does this mentality explain why mega churches are so popular? – the higher quality music and visual presentations are something we have become accustomed to in the rest of our society even if we don’t recognise it. What attracts you to your church – if you think about it, i doubt it’s the choices you are given.

We live in a world where people expect to make choices about the quality of the provision they receive but how many of us are given choices within our worship? when was the last time there was more than one option of how you do something in any given section of your regular service? As a visual and kinesthetic learner I often struggle with the lack of hands on or image based ideas being used within worship. It would be quite a change of ethos to give people a number of options throughout a service – maybe this could be done more simply with online church?

What would a service look like if you could choose the order you did things in or choose how long you spent on each section? What would church look like if we assembled it in a different way, exploring new and emerging contexts and removing the inherited  rules of ‘form follows theological understanding’. Steve Collins explores these questions in more detail over at he takes a fascinating approach to church as a design problem – a viewpoint I very much appreciate having taken an interior architecture degree.

Perhaps I should set up an app where someone would turn up to a church within 5 minutes to do something creative?


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