Open Source at Christian New Media Conference

It was very exciting while browsing the Christian New Media Conference website to see that organisers are including an open source session in 2012. It was even more exciting to be asked to facilitate said session! Any of you that have read the unconference research here on the anewloom blog will know that this is exactly the sort of thing we want to see happening at Christian events.

I have heard in the last year that some other conferences (particularly youth work related) have been doing pecha kucha style presentations or lightning talks but I don’t know of a conference that has tried an open source session such as a fish bowl discussion.

It will be exciting to see the outcome of running such a session at the Christian New Media Conference which attracts a diverse and creative bunch of delegates.

If you haven’t booked yet – you can do so via HERE

If you’re interested in seeing unconference / open source ideas being implemented into Christian / Church events, please get in touch and subscribe to this blog!


  1. I’m interested in merging open source concepts with faith on many levels. I hope your efforts have proven fruitful. How has it been progressing? Would you be open to some email correspondence?

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