Top 10 Friday – Pixar Short Films

Pixar are brilliant. However – they are pretty hot on copyright so I’m unable to put the actual films on the blog…

Click the title links to go to the official pixar website where you can find more information (and the image for links to an online video storage provider who may or may not take responsibility for the content).

For the Birds  (released 2000 with Monsters Inc.)


Geri’s Game (released 1997 with A Bug’s Life)


Jack Jack Attack (released 2005 with The Incredibles DVD)


Day and Night (released 2010 with Toy Story 3)


Partly Cloudy (released 2009 with Up)


Knick Knack (made 1989 – released with Finding Nemo)


Hawaiian Vacation (released 2011 with Cars 2)


Lifted(released 2006 with Ratatouille)


Mater and the Ghost Light (released 2006 with the Cars DVD)


One Man Band (released 2005 with Cars)


And a BONUS feature – the Short that gave the company it’s famous logo – 

Luxo Junior (made in 1986 and released with Toy Story in 1999)


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