Prayer Pods

The more people I speak to people about new monasticism, the more I find people struggling to find a quiet space, somewhere they can reflect and pray. Although the garden shed may suffice, a space full of tools and the smell of damp grass may not be overly conducive to time with God.

So, here’s a few options – sorry they cost so much.

Option 1.

WikiHouse – check this out, it’s an opensource construction set. It’s aim is to allow anyone to design, download, and ‘print’ CNC-milled houses and components, which can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training.

Option 2.

officePOD – Creating bespoke and sometimes specialist working environments such as edit suites, control rooms, consultation rooms and other quiet work places, whilst still retaining the POD’s ability to be dismantled and relocated, ensures that you will be investing in an asset that will enhance the business for years to come. I like the design of these, shame they retail at £16960 +VAT. I think they’d make pretty cool spaces to put your collection of icons or Ignatius postcards.

Option 3.

PodSpace has a whole selection of different size spaces to cater for all your prayer needs. Pod Space design garden studios to be contemporary and eco friendly, so you can rest assured that our garden buildings will complement your outside space. Our garden studios also have low operating costs as they incorporate super insulated walls, energy glass and low energy heating and lighting – so you can be confident that these garden rooms are built to last.

Option 4.

SleepBox – We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable. For this, we have developed SLEEPBOX. It is intended primarily to enable a person to sleep peacefully. It provides quick escape from the crowd without wasting time searching for a hotel. SLEEPBOX may be used both in public and private spaces, for rent or for internal needs. With prices starting at 7000EUR, there are probably cheaper ways to create a reflection space but I think these would be awesome for silent retreats.

Option 5.

Archipod – The ‘Pod’ is primarily suited to use as a garden office, but could easily be adapted to anything you choose: Playroom, Studio, Hobby Room, Meditation/ Quiet Room, Outside entertaining/Dining Room, Tree House!The most environmentally sound option, the Archipod is a cool shape, made from natural materials and should be in every church garden in the country. Although the £15000 +VAT price tag may inhibit a majority of churches getting one.



  1. Why does anyone need a special place to commune with God? God must be in the smell of diesel engines and wet grass just as much as in incense …
    But I love reading your postings!

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for your comment! I agree, God is everywhere and in everything… I actually like the smell of grass! I think sometimes I just need somewhere to escape, particularly when so much of life is changing – somewhere to just rest in God and see what he has to say.

  2. I have been thinking of the idea of prayer pods too and was amazed to find this site, librarys are not as quiet as they used to be neither are parks. I’m interested in giving this idea momentum.

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