Apps – They’re Child’s Play

Puck Meerburg is 12. He has 7 Apps (mostly free) which include TafelTrainer which helps children learn their times tables and a guide to The Netherland’s oldest museum. Meerburg taught himself Javascript, PHP and jQuery when he was seven of eight and hopes to be a games designer.

Puck says that “In 10 years, computers will be superfast. We’ll be able to play games using brain sensors.” I love how kids are forward thinking, I just wonder how often we listen to them?

I dislike the “they’re the church of tomorrow” concept – it’s rubbish. Children and young people are part of the church today and their opinion should matter every bit as much as an adults. I challenge everyone reading this (whether you go to church or not), to find a group of children and ask their opinion on something to do with the way you provide a service for them, their answer may not make any sense at all but I bet if you act on those comments the service will improve.

As a continuation of that  – why is it that we only encourage young adults into leadership of things? we have workshops to learn about leading churches, leading worship, leading youth groups, leading lent courses, leading services, leading …. but the Bible talks about so many other gifts – where are the weekends away to focus on prophecy or creative arts?

I’m assuming Puck Meerburg has pretty encouraging parents, people who value the gifts their Son has – we need to value the gifts that our whole church has and listen to kid’s opinions.


  1. Interesting post, thanks for sharing!
    You’re definately right about getting kids’/youth input into stuff that you do for them. I often find that leading DIVE (the multi-church youth group for Y7-8) the best sessions are the ones they’ve come up with some ideas for.

    I’d be wary though of giving leadership to people who are too young. Leadership is a responsibility that has to come with maturity – if you give someone too much responsibility without making sure they’re mature enough in their faith and in themselves, you’re asking for trouble. Mind you, with careful discipleship and lots of encouragement, there’s definitely room for starting early!

    1. Thanks Tim,

      I agree, you need to be careful when giving young people leadership responsibility but you have to start somewhere and it’s important to give young people responsibility in a safe environment so they can make mistakes. Sadly, I think some churches are so caught up in having everything perfect, or are a bit too controlling, that they miss opportunities to give people a chance.

      My post was less about leadership than giving children and young people a voice, aksing their opinion and acting on it is very underated in today’s church.

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